How to Perfect the 90s Vintage Clothing Style


What is it about the 90s and its fashion?

The 90s just can’t escape our minds, and we hold a lot of the decade’s icons close to our hearts - The Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys are to be protected at all costs.
Some people embrace a journey back to maximalism from the 70s and 00s, the 90s aesthetic is still going strong today. Some of the resurfaced trends from the 90s began as a nostalgic nod to one of the greatest decades that was but have stuck around and have embedded themselves into being wardrobe staples once more - like relaxed jeans and shoulder bags.
If you just can’t say goodbye to the 90s - and we don’t blame you - then read on to discover where and how to fill up the perfect 90s vintage capsule wardrobe and pay homage to your favorite era.

What are the most iconic elements of the perfect 90s wardrobe? 

Some say the 90s were the best time for music and pop culture. That’s a matter of opinion, but one thing is for sure - pop culture had a tremendous influence on 90s fashion choices, some of which are still beloved today.
If you’re looking to bring back the 90s vibes, here are some ways you can pay homage to one of the most iconic decades.

  • Flannel shirts, combat boots, and graphic tees for a grunge look
  • Baggy or relaxed jeans that can be dressed up or down, and are much more comfortable than skinny jeans
  • Slip dresses over a t-shirt, or with an oversized blazer
  • Miniskirts that would make Rachel Green proud
  • Shoulder bags that are practical and look great with any outfit
  • Bucket hats, furry or canvas, there’s just something about them
  • Asymmetrical tops, that, even in plain colors, can add a bit of spice to your ensemble

Where to find the best vintage 90s fashions

The 90s were a decade of major fashion trends. And while some of those trends have made a comeback in recent years, vintage clothing from the 90s is still highly sought after. Whether you're looking for vintage denim, graphic t-shirts, or slip dresses, there's no shortage of options when it comes to vintage 90s clothing. Thanks to online retailers and vintage stores, it's easier than ever to find that perfect piece.
So if you're on the hunt for some truly unique 90s vintage clothing, here are a few places to start your search. Here you may be able to find a wide selection of 90s vintage clothing - everything from vintage denim to graphic t-shirts:

Local vintage stores
Thrift and second hand stores
Vintage fairs and markets
Garage sales
Online retailers like ASOS Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, and Depop
A specialty online vintage store like Webook - Shop Now