Vintage Clothing: How Sustainable is It?


First things first, what is vintage clothing?

Generally speaking, vintage clothing can be defined as any piece that is from a previous era or was produced at least twenty years ago. When you look at vintage clothing in comparison to modern fashion, you will probably notice a classic style and a higher quality feel.
The increased quality in vintage threads is thanks to the better construction techniques and materials used in the garment manufacturing processes of yesteryear - long before the fast fashion movement reared its ugly head.

On the flip side, what is fast fashion? 

Fast fashion can be described as cheap clothing that incorporates up-to-the-minute trends seen on the catwalk or within celebrity culture.
Due to the world, we live in with viral sensations aplenty, trending styles achieve high demand status overnight which sends retailers into a frenzy. They desperately try to replicate the items and cash in on their momentary popularity while they’re getting their fifteen minutes of fame.
Spurred on by the urgency, they move at breakneck speeds to meet consumer demand and get the newest styles on the market while they are at the height of popularity.

Sadly, this means that we have become such a disposable society when it comes to fashion, as the lustre dies down as quickly as it began, and the items are discarded after just a few wears.
The toxic mentality of “you can’t be seen in the same outfit twice” really plays into the fast fashion movement, resulting in overproduction, overconsumption, and unnecessary pollution.

How sustainable is vintage clothing?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of factors, such as how the clothing is sourced and what it is made from. Generally speaking, though, vintage clothing that is well-made and made from natural materials is more sustainable than modern clothing.
Having said that, vintage clothing can be less sustainable if it is not sourced ethically or if it is made from synthetic materials. It is important to do your research before buying vintage clothing to make sure that you are supporting a sustainable brand.
There are many sustainable Vintage Clothing Brands that are popular among eco-conscious consumers. These brands create beautiful clothing while using sustainable practices such as using organic materials, recycled materials, or upcycled materials. 

Why is vintage clothing the best choice?

Vintage aesthetic clothes are unbeatable when it comes to expressing a unique style. You can incorporate trends from decades past and end up with a stunning, one-of-a-kind wardrobe.
Vintage clothing is fashionable, fun, and great for the environment. That definitely sounds like a no-brainer 
Whether you’re looking for a unique fashion statement or a more sustainable option, vintage clothing is a great choice!

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