What You Need to Know about Vintage Clothing

Why is vintage clothing so popular?

We are really living in a time where little by little, it is gradually more and more acceptable to stand out from the crowd, be authentically you, and express yourself for who you are.
One of the best ways to express who we are is, by the way we present ourselves in our hair, makeup, and fashion choices.
Vintage clothing fits the brief for unique expression, as it allows us to display our style that is borrowed from a beloved previous generation, rather than just grabbing something off the rack in the local shop because everyone else is wearing it.
Seeking out vintage clothing to add to your wardrobe also feels a lot like a treasure hunt, which, in itself is a nostalgic and exciting experience.
In addition to all of this, there is a huge push for sustainability and protecting our beautiful planet - which vintage clothing supports far more than its counterpart, fast fashion ever could. 

Some fun facts about vintage clothing

Woolrich is one of the oldest, most recognisable brands that are likely to be found today
The very first item of clothing to be invented was a Grecian-style wrap dress worn by men and women alike
The second clothing creation was the skirt, which has hung around and is the oldest garment that we would recognise today
Zips were invented in the early 1900s but weren’t introduced to garments until the 1930s. Prior to this, they were used to fasten boots and tobacco pouches
Clothing zips were first used in a children’s clothing campaign, promotes as easy to use, for children to dress themselves
Vintage clothing is often confused with retro clothing, which has been made to look as though it existed in a time gone by
Vintage clothing refers to items originating after the 1920s. Before this, they are known as antique clothing
The first pair of Doc Marten boots were made from old tyres
Over the years, bodies have evolved and so too has fashion sizing. Your sizing would likely be very different from today’s labels 

5 reasons to favour vintage clothing over fast fashion

Vintage clothing was made to last and is of a much higher quality than its modern equivalents
Opting for vintage clothing over fast fashion is not only great for your image and confidence, but it’s great for the environment too
It can be great for your finances, with some real treasures out there to be found if you shop around
Are fashion styles from previous decades coming back into fashion? You can have the real deal threads while other people are wearing imitation pieces
You can express yourself in a truly unique way. If you feel like you were born in the wrong decade because you can’t get enough of the 90s fashions, then you rock those combat boots and a graphic tee.


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